Your personal journal for life.
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For those who love to journal

We've set out to create the most amazing journal on the web.

Minute makes journaling a delight. With an elegant editor. Custom templates. Calendar integration. Keyboard shortcuts. And beautiful image galleries.

Beyond writing, Minute helps you get the most out of every note. Connect them with important people in your life. Organize them with tags. Instantly search past notes. Or, revisit them through daily flashbacks.

Give it a try. Your future self will love you for it.

Tell your life story

Your personal story deserves a beautiful home. Crafted with a simple aesthetic, Minute gets out of your way so that you can focus on what matters — your words and thoughts.

Minute is optimized for desktop and mobile web, so you can compose and revisit your notes from any device.

Create your perfect setup

Looking to combine a morning words, a daily done list, 100-day newborn journal, and a decision journal? We got you.

Minute's flexible templating system lets you create a personalized set of prompts and journals. You can start immediately with our pre-built templates, or build your own from scratch!

Be brilliant with your people

What is life but the people in it?

With Minute, you can turn your journal into a personal rolodex with all the people you care about. Just add contacts to your contact list, and then tag them in your notes.

The next time you get a coffee with that long lost friend, just visit their contact page and you'll have an instant reminder of your notes from last time.

Reflect on your daily events

The easiest way to journal about your day, is to have your day right in front of you.

Minute integrateds with Google calendar to put your daily events front and center on the home page. It's the perfect way to re-visit your daily happenings, jot down notes, and tag them with event attendees.

Revisit, Rediscover, Re-evaluate

Each day, you'll get a flash back with past notes and images. Use them to reminisce about good times, reflect on the progress you've made, re-evaluate past decisions, and remember old friends that you should reach out to.

Flash backs make each one of your notes live on beyond today. They'll be periodically resurfaced for the future you to remember the most important thoughts, events, and people in your life.

Stay in flow at the keyboard

Minute is designed so that that every action is associated with keyboard shortcuts.

Instantly navigate, search, edit notes, and access anything in a second. Everything is only a few keystrokes away so you can easily stay in flow, and journal on.

Private & Secure

Minute is 100% private. All your data is for you and you alone. There are no sharing interactions. And, your data will never be shared with third parties.

Your security is of utmost importance. All connections with our servers are secured with SSL and your data is encrypted within our databases.

  • 30-day free trial
  • All paid features
$5 / month, paid annually
  • Unlimited notes
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited images
  • Unlimited templates
  • Google Calendar & Contacts integration
  • Search
  • Daily flashbacks

After a year as a member, you'll gain lifetime access to a core set of features for creating, editing, and exporting your notes. You'll never lose access to your data.

Your everyday journal

Minute is so beautiful, delightful, and useful — you'll absolutely love journaling every single day.